WELCOME to COSMOS, quality interactive tv. CCTV, provides a wide variety of content, from humor & joy, to thought-provoking & inspiring, to moving & eye-opening, as well as providing a safe & inviting workspace for any & all creatives.

“COSMOS has afforded me the opportunity to live out dreams I thought time had stolen.”


“Channels like Cosmos Creative bring people together. I’ve made so many new friends this past year. It’s wonderful.”


“I finally found my people!”


“Cosmos is the place where I have found magic, and amazing things happen.”


“Cosmos has given me such a beautiful platform to express myself, and to properly satiate my gift of gab, and to get many ideas from scratchpad to launchpad.”


“This network is packed full of talent and creativity. Time to set our sights for the stars!”

~ Jay

COSMOS Creative TV

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